The first Czech Snowskate Championship

(Czech) Come to the ski resort in Rejdice on February 22nd and witness the first Bonefight race in the Czech Republic.

Sled Dogs owners of all levels, ages and sex are invited to participate.

Who does not want to race is welcome among the fans. During the races you will have time to ride with dozens of equally enthusiastic people.

Sled Dogs Bonefight rules briefly described:

  • Based on the results of the heats, 4 riders are selected for each heat round to take the starting position. Riders with better time have the right to choose the starting position.
  • The Referee will give a "Riders ready" signal, on which the competitors will take the starting position.
  • After the "5 seconds warning" signal, no rider can move otherwise will be disqualified. From this moment within 5 seconds the command "GO" will be heard, to which the competitors start.
  • During the race, aggressive interventions, pulling or forced pushing into opponents are prohibited.

Schedule of races:


  • From 18:00 Qualification (voluntary - Those who do not take part and arrive on Saturday get a worse starting position) 


  • From 9:00 race (duration according to the number of competitors)
  • 14:00 announcement and group photo of the whole Czechoslovak pack (competitors and non-competitors)
  • 14:30 attempt for a world record: Longest „snake“ made by Sled Dogs riders :-)
  • 19:00 party in pub U Čápa

Sled Dogs Bonefight Czech republic

In the case of extremly bad snow conditions will only a meet-up of the Sled Dogs pack will happen in one of the nearby, higher located resorts.

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